Getting Started

Anyone can refer their child to the Early Intervention program. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s development, we recommend that you talk with your health care provider; however you do not need a doctor’s referral to initiate Early Intervention services.

A full developmental evaluation is the first step to find out if your child is eligible for Early Intervention services. This takes place in an informal setting with you, your child, and a team of early intervention professionals, who will observe how your child plays, communicates, and interacts with others.

The evaluation looks at the following areas of development:

  • Cognitive: Learning, thinking, playing, and problem-solving
  • Communication: Understanding what others are saying; expressing thoughts through gestures, sounds and words
  • Social/Emotional: Getting along with others, self-soothing, and participating in routines
  • Physical: Coordinating movements: manipulating toys, sitting, crawling, and walking
  • Self-Help/Adaptive: Calming, feeding, sleeping, and dressing.

Evaluations for Early Intervention eligibility are at no cost to the family.

If you have questions about evaluations, you can contact the Step By Step evaluation coordinator at 718-633-6666, extension 177, who is knowledgeable and available to answer you.

If you would like to have your child evaluated – call 311 – and say you would like to refer your child to Early Intervention.