Pediatric Aqua Therapy

Kids and water can be a wonderful combination.  If your child has a physical therapy need, then Aqua Therapy at STEP BY STEP can be an effective option for treatment. Therapy in this setting tends to be a natural and comfortable experience and the kids love it!

  • The water temperature at STEP BY STEP is raised to 92*F (Warm Bath Temp) for the Pediatric population
  • This warm water environment is ideal for therapeutic exercise and healing
  • STEP BY STEP’s Aqua Therapy Center is very private with personal changing rooms

Benefits Of Pediatric Aqua Therapy

  • The resistance of water increases muscular strength and endurance and improves coordination.
  • Water buoyancy or gravity reducing effect provides a comfortable therapeutic environment.
  • There is constant sensory input as the water stimulates the body with gentle movement and pressure.
  • Working in the water lets kids do things they may not be able to do on land.
  • Kids tend to work harder in the water than on the land because it takes less effort and is more fun.

                 Your child’s therapy program is developed by licensed therapists. OT or PT’s trained in aquatic physical therapy, according to IFSP Plan, to address your child’s specific needs.  Children who use an assistive device on land can often gain the mobility to swim and/or walk in the water with little or even no assistance, promoting independence and confidence.  Aqua therapy can be very effective for children who do not tolerate land-based exercises or for whom traditional therapy is difficult.


  • Decreased Tolerance to Weight Bearing
  • Sensory Impairments
  • Orthopedic Injuries / Fractures
  • Decreased Motor Planning
  • Decreased Strength
  • Increased Muscle Tone

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